Svenskarna i Koreakriget
The Swedish

The documentary about
the 21 nations that stood up for
the struggle of the Korean people
for peace and freedom.
Sweden was one of them.

Drömmen om Amerika
The American Dream

The story of the app. 1 million Swedes
who between 1830 - 1920 emigrated to
the land of dreams on the other side of the Atlantic.

Welcome to SunTower Entertainment

Vi har expanderat och vår verksamhet omfattar nu, som tidigare, produktion av dokumentärfilmer, men också tv-serier, Audiodrama, distribution av andras filmer samt digitala tjänster via web-plattformar. Den här hemsidan tar dig med på en resa för att uppleva en del av det vi producerar och distribuerar. Känn dig hjärtligt välkommen hem till oss.


SunTower has been active in film and television production since 2001. It began with a documentary about the author Dan Andersson and has since grown to include hundreds of short documentaries, a feature film and TV series that are now under development. The emphasis has always been on interesting documentaries and educational films for the Swedish school market


One of the backbones of our business since the late 1990s has been the distribution of documentaries, children's and feature films to the institutional market, mainly schools and so-called media centers. In the decades that have passed, we have produced over a hundred of our own films and distributed them to other producers and film companies.

All distribution to the institutional market takes place through
B&P Digital Media Distribution AB


Now we are turning classic Swedish literature into modern drama which, with a pinch of aroma from previous centuries' radio theater, has become new recordings for the digital platforms. You can look forward to Vilhelm Moberg's "The Emigrants", among others, but documentaries with dramatizations are also included in the first releases in the winter of 2021/22.

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